Suceava City Hall held a competition for the design of a new Cultural Center. Suceava is one of the largest cities in Romania, and a former capital of the historic Moldavia region. The existing "Modern" cinema building was to be refurbished and new functions to be added, to reach a total of 2500sqm area. The cinema is located in a busy square, surrounded by low-height buildings. The existent ground floor and 1st floor house a cinema hall and stage, together with public and technical areas. The brief required that the new addition to the building would host: spaces for an orchestra, ballet and children's theater; a cultural area: library, exhibition spaces and a cafe; and the Center administration offices. The cinema hall stage would be used for music, dance and other perfomances to be showcased by the center.
The main public entrance to the cinema is very strongly signaled by a large staircase. We analysed the existing building and the requirements of the program and proposed:
-to preserve the simple and clear box-like volume of the building; we proposed an exterior wooden cladding that would resonate with the near-by hillside background that the city is set in;
-meeting the space requirements, while keeping with the surrounding buildings' height: we proposed an additional 2nd floor and a partial 3rd floor that would also have a terrace for the public, near the cafe;
-entrances to the center: the design proposal keeps and remodells the main public acces to the stage from the square, and proposes two other, separate, entrance points: for administration and artists, and one for the public of the cultural day-to-day activities: library, exhibitions.

The new 2nd and 3rd floors structure is a metalic box system made of: metals studs and metal trusses, with corrugated metal panels and reinforced concrete slabs. The metal boxes are sustained on the masonry perimetral walls of the existing building, on new reinforced concrete pillars within the existing masonry walls.
credits: structural engineer:dipl. eng. Mihai Radut - Ingenium Construct | mechanical engineers: dipl.eng. George Cristescu - Instal Design